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Use our random avatar generator URL in your web projects under development, or create your own and unique avatar now by choosing from a slew of elements and accessories!

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Are you a developer or a designer developping a website ?

Download of free pack of avatars to use in your designs or web projects. You can use them wherever you'd like to : games, chatrooms, social networks... The only limit is your own imagination.

Use Pilllz as a placeholder in your demos

Aren't you tired of always having to use temp images for your avatars made of beaches and forests you could find as a Windows 98 wallpaper ? Well the nighmare is over my friend, you can use this URL to get a different avatar at every load on your demo pages.

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In case you're using several random avatars on the same page, you can load different avatars by adding a simple parameter to the URL like so :

parameter being whatever string of text you'd like.

For example :

<img src="" />
<img src="" />
<img src="" />

Integrate Pilllz into your website

Easily generate profile images for all your users. You can also give your users the ability to update their Pilllz avatar by themselves by including our avatar generator in your website.

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